Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sailboat Adventure Begins

For the next 3 months my boyfriend Ty and I will be renting a live-abord sailboat. It's our chance to find out if we're 'boat people'. So far we've spent 2 nights on the 30 ft boat, both completely different from each other. The first was stormy. The wind howled, things creaked, groaned, flapped, swayed and the rain pounded louder than I've ever heard. I felt like I was camping- not wanting to get out of the 'tent' to head down the dock to the washroom. It was a rocky night, not full of sleep, but full of adventure. The next night the water was glassy and the only sound was the snoring dog. We got to go out sailing on Lake Union with the captain and crew that evening. We circled the lake enjoying the weather and being on the water. So aside from some mold problems reeking havoc on my allergies, it's been smooth sailing. I'm going to try to document it as we go along so stay tuned.

The curious boat dog

Ty and the boat
Captain Jenny

It's not sailing without beer!