Monday, June 28, 2010

Honduras & Guatemala

I recently got to treat my travel bug in Honduras and Guatemala. On our quick 2 week trip south we started on Utila island off the Caribbean side of Honduras. Utila is known for scuba diving so much of my time was spent under water. When on dry land we soaked in the sun, the clear water and local vibe. Here are my favorite shots from the island:

Our next adventure was at Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. This huge beautiful lake is rimmed by three sleeping volcanoes. The temperature was perfect and the people were kind and welcoming. We spent a night in San Pedro la Laguna, one of the small Mayan towns on the edge of the lake. Great light and nice people made it our favorite spot.

Taken in Antigua on the way to the lago.
When I asked this sweet lady if I could take her picture she took off her apron, laid it on the step and took a poised seat. Smiling her toothless grin, she talked our ears off while I shot away. I still have no idea what she was saying, but she was fabulous.

My time in Honduras and Guatemala was way too short- just a taste of two delicious countries. I hope to return and spend more time exploring. For now I suppose I'm satisfied...

Stuck in LA

On my way to Guatemala last month a volcano erupted, leaving me stranded in Los Angeles. But as with all good accidents, I got some good shots out of it. Just another sunny day at Venice Beach soaking up the skateboard culture: