Monday, September 9, 2013

Corsica Part III: Bonifacio

Bonifacio is jaw-droppingly beautiful. I knew I had to see it even if it meant driving the length of the island and back in one day. Of course, I didn't mind doing some more driving in Corsica anyway. On the way we saw cute coastal towns, more beautiful landscapes and even witnessed a Mafia altercation. 

The protected port of Bonifacio is believed to be where Odysseus arrived and met the Lystragonians in Homer's The Odyssey. The white limestone cliffs over aqua blue water are breathtaking, as is the ancient precariously perched town. 

We didn't have much time so what did we do? Took a long lunch bien sur. Fresh Mediterranean fish and rosé satisfied us as we people watched and looked out at the cliffs.

At one point as we wandered the winding streets we heard what sounded like a gun shot. Knowing the Mafia presence all too well, we stopped in our tracks. An old man came around the corner, motioned a slit across his throat and said 'kaput' in a thick accent before laughing hard. Turned out to be fireworks of course. We continued our wandering, hiking up the cliff for a view of the whole town, climbing the citadel walls and talking to shop owners. One woman was very friendly so I asked if I could take her portrait. She said it was nice to see our excitement about Bonifacio because it reminds her that she lives in a very beautiful place- something she forgets living there day to day. I of course knew what she meant, but couldn't imagine forgetting such beauty.