Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'I travel for...' Project Week 3: Le Quotidien

The third portrait in my travel series is the lovely Caitlin Kelley, taken in her home in Tanzania. When we talked about what most appealed to her about travel, Caitlin said, 'It's more than daily life, it's living in a place, rooting, inhabiting, creating a home, living a little portion of my life there". The French of course have a word that encompasses all of this: le quotidien. So I photographed her in her doorway and paired it with her laundry drying in the sun, hopefully capturing a little portion of her life.

So why do you travel?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'I travel for...' Project Week 2: The Architecture

2 of 10 in my series 'I travel for...'. When I asked Kevin O'leary what draws him to travel the globe, he told me it's definitely the architecture. Seeing historic, groundbreaking and beautiful architecture pulls him to the different corners of our planet. 

So why do you travel?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Personal Project: I travel for...

Why do I love to travel? It's when I feel most alive, most in my element. It's the adventure of navigating my way that I love the most. I think that's because I get to test my abilities and challenge myself, whether it's actually navigation, or communicating in a language I don't speak. I also love exploring and discovering something new to me. It's always the unexpected that thrills me the most. The other wonderful part about traveling is connecting with people on a basic human level. Through a wink or a smile, a hand motion or a helping help, there's a connection that doesn't need language, culture or circumstance.

So why take a camera with me? Why combine photography and travel? For me they've always been fused together. The camera is a means to travel or reason to go. But I also take photographs to try to capture a special moment. I do this for myself, but also for the feeling I get when other people appreciate it. Like when a chef sees someone eat their meal with joy. Or maybe I just want to instill the desire to travel in others. :)

As I thought about all of this I wondered why others travel. What is their favorite part or their reason for going? I've since made ten portraits with their answers in a project I call "I travel for...". Here's the first one:

Sahar travels for savoring the food around the world. 

I'll be sharing one portrait each week so stay tuned to see the rest...    

So why do you travel?