Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Put on your hard hat

So I dont' think I can claim 'still adjusting after Thailand' anymore. It's time to move on. Things have definitely been slow since my return, as I'm sure we're all experiencing. So I encourage you to push me to shoot and get creative.

Recently I went to shoot my friend Nick's job site. I love job sites. The smell of sawdust and the sound of drilling and pounding remind me of my childhood spent on my dad's sites. Nick is managing the entire construction of a beautiful home on Lake Washington. It has everything: heated floors, a pool, infinity hot tub and much more. The house is in the middle stage and the insulation was being installed the day I went. Here are my favorite shots:

Stay tuned for shots of the finished house in Sept. And if anyone you know needs an incredible project manager Nick is your man!

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