Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last weekend I discovered a beautiful snowshoeing hike. Just across from Stevens Pass Ski Resort a cat track leads up to a cell tower. That wasn't the beautiful part. From the tower we followed fellow snowshoer tracks up to a frozen lake and from there continued up to a rocky peak. I could see the jutting rocks topped with snow from below, but it wasn't until we got up there that the grander of the view was revealed. Below us lay the ski slopes and highway, and all around us a sea of peaks making up the Cascade Mountain Range. Blue sky and fast moving clouds made for a dramatic backdrop as we couldn't believe our eyes.

The drive back to the city wasn't boring either. The swimming hole near Gold Bar, Washington was iced over. Light snowflakes started to fall as we were chilled by just the sight of the river flowing under huge icicles. The rope swing hung with a seat of ice on the surface, making it hard to imagine this place in summer. It did feel like a winter playground however.

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