Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Self Portrait

A friend recently gave me an assignment- to turn what I was personally going through into an image. Not an easy task. Somehow it became a self portrait, something I've never really done before. Here's the image I came up with. Now I need your help in deciding which crop is best. I think seeing the entire arm gives it forward momentum, where as there's a nice feeling being closer in. What do you think?


  1. I love the whole arm image, just draws me in and elicits more emotion. Your grip on the steering wheel feels powerful, strong, and decisive, as well as forward moving. Love it!

  2. I agree with Sara - and you too, since I think you secretly favor the 'whole-arm' image.

    The decisive point for me is that when I look at the cropped image, I find myself curious about what's happening outside the boundaries of the crop. In some images I think that curiosity is a good/desirable thing - but in this case, having seen the 'whole-arm' image, there's no question in my mind that the larger image imparts much more information.

    I sense you're on a journey - and the cropped image doesn't convey that as well. I can see your past on the left and the future in front of you on the right in the whole-armer. Choose that one. :)

  3. I agree. Leave whole arm/hand in for all the reasons so well expressed already. I'd give you an A+!