Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Key West

I just got back from a trip to Key West with mom. Neither of us had been before and were excited to see the infamous Keys. It was tropical, warm and beautiful. The quaint architecture with the white painted homes and black shutters made it feel unique. Renting a beach cruiser and leisurely exploring the beaches was a highlight. As was the wreck diving. With 100 feet of clear visibility, 85 degree water and 524 ft of ship to explore, The Vandenberg was one of the best dives I've done.

Key West is an odd place. Huge cruise ships dock every couple days and loom over the little island. Tourists crowd Bourbon St's cousin Duval St and stumble out of it's many bars. Generally an older crowd sports their hawaiian shirts and fruity cocktails. But beyond the tourists there is a local tribe of folks who feel like they live in paradise every day. The type that say if a hurricane takes them out, it's the way they were supposed to go. And the easygoing type that lovingly co-exist with the feral chickens and roosters that roam the streets.

Key West was not my usual destination, and I think one visit was enough, but I'm glad I swam in her warm water, soaked up her sun and experienced her quirks.

Hemmingway House and his 6 toed cats:

 Key lime pie

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