Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Personal Project: I travel for...

Why do I love to travel? It's when I feel most alive, most in my element. It's the adventure of navigating my way that I love the most. I think that's because I get to test my abilities and challenge myself, whether it's actually navigation, or communicating in a language I don't speak. I also love exploring and discovering something new to me. It's always the unexpected that thrills me the most. The other wonderful part about traveling is connecting with people on a basic human level. Through a wink or a smile, a hand motion or a helping help, there's a connection that doesn't need language, culture or circumstance.

So why take a camera with me? Why combine photography and travel? For me they've always been fused together. The camera is a means to travel or reason to go. But I also take photographs to try to capture a special moment. I do this for myself, but also for the feeling I get when other people appreciate it. Like when a chef sees someone eat their meal with joy. Or maybe I just want to instill the desire to travel in others. :)

As I thought about all of this I wondered why others travel. What is their favorite part or their reason for going? I've since made ten portraits with their answers in a project I call "I travel for...". Here's the first one:

Sahar travels for savoring the food around the world. 

I'll be sharing one portrait each week so stay tuned to see the rest...    

So why do you travel?

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