Friday, November 4, 2016

Travel Article for Buick Magazine

So it's been about a year since I've posted, because well, I thought blogs were a thing of the past. Who knows if anyone reads this anymore. However, recently I realized I miss writing about my gigs and adventures, and it's a nice log to look back on. So, it's been a great year of shooting what I love: travel and adventure!

Lets start with a job from this summer- a big travel story on Seattle for Buick Magazine. For a few days I ran around town capturing new and interesting things as well as iconic favorites. It was fun getting to work with writer Ted Alvarez on what we think makes Seattle cool. One of the most unique things, and fun things to shoot, was SUP Yoga in the Puget Sound. A new hotel and a top new chef and restaurant were also really fun to photograph. I feel a lot more up to date on the hip spots in my city! Check out the article below (I did not shoot the car images).

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