Friday, January 9, 2009

Jet lag's a...

Sawadee from Thailand. I made it! After a grueling 24+ hour trip. The flights were all on time, but holy crap I'm glad I dont' have to do that again for a month! The Hong Kong airport was enormous. Check out photo of never ending hall (almost looks like a dome dad). I met a fellow Washingtonian heading this way so we wandered the airport. I particularly enjoyed the "Automated People Mover".
I arrived in Bangkok at midnight (9am in Seattle). I managed to not sleep at all on the flights in hopes I would sleep the night through once I got there. As the plane landed my body was done- I was falling asleep mid gum chew. The cab took forever because the driver had no idea where my hotel was. We had to stop for directions and of course the language barrier didn't help. But I made it. This morning I had breakfast and then got my first Thai massage! I managed to tell her it was good in Thai. So far I'm struck by how much the people cater to tourists. The cab played American music, BBC was on the TV at breakfast and Moby played as I got my massage. I partly appreciate it since the Thai language baffles me at this point, but it's also strange.

From my hotel I grabbed a taxi to the train station. I thought the station was close which was why I stayed near the airport, but the ride took an hour. Turns out the station is near the old airport. Damn out dated guidebook. Oh well. The 3rd class train was fun. I was the only foreigner on it and provided the other passengers with some entertainment. The trip to Ayuthaya was quick. Sleeping girl on train:
Auythaya is the ancient capital and is full of ruins and wats (temples). I rented a bicycle for a dollar and road around checking out the wats. I guess it will be the first time I risked my life (sorry parentals). The roads were busy with scooters and cars and I have no idea how the intersections work. Seems like you just go whenever you can. And they drive on the left. It was scary. But worth it. The ruins were incredible. I must have seen hundreds of buddha statues without heads. Photos to come.

I just had some hot soup and I think I'll head to bed because... jet lag's a bitch.


  1. I probably don't want to know but what was more horrific: your bike ride in Auythaya or driving in Rome?

  2. Definitely driving in Rome! Haha. The biking was fun as well as scary ;)

  3. Do the bikes come with helmets!? Beautiful photos already!! Keep em comin' :)