Monday, January 5, 2009

T minus 36 hours to Thailand!

Packing is a process. I think I can fit it all. Guide book, sarong, malaria pills... Unfortunately, the adorable cat featured in the photo will not accompany me on my trip.

I will be gone for one month: Jan 7- Feb 6 and will be traveling through Thailand, Laos and possibly Cambodia. I'm adventuring by myself- yes, a young, blonde girl alone with a big camera. I can't wait! ;)

Check in periodically to see photos and stories from my trip. Ciao!


  1. It's so sad you have to leave Duck-Duck!

  2. have a great time over there- If you want a few secret spots to see in Laos let me know....
    so happy for you!!!

  3. Have a great trip!
    Hopefully you will miss the next snow event.
    We'll be thinking of you.
    Kevin and Barb

  4. Have a great time, bring back some sunshine, great stories, a recipe or two, and PHOTOS!!!

  5. awesome tegers.

    I am stoked to see.