Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wenatchee Wonders

For me a weekend in Wenatchee usually means I'll be getting back to my Eastern Washington roots. This time I definitely went exploring. Blaring the country music, my friends and I piled in the truck and drove up some mountains. We ended at Sugarloaf lookout- an incredible 360 degree view surrounded by burnt trees.

While we were there a ranger was one the phone with firefighters preparing to distinguish a fire caused by lightning. It was an eerie place full of majestic beauty.

Next we hiked to a small alpine lake and went fishin'. Nick caught 3 cutthroats in 10 minutes (once he got the right fly on)! The water was a beautiful green and the fish a bright red.

Naturally, the next thing to do in the country is shoot guns. A 12 gage in hand, we aimed at clay pigeons hurling over the view of the Wenatchee valley. Shells flew, people hollered and pigeons exploded.

So after a weekend of being hicks, we headed back to the city. But not before seeing this:

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