Friday, February 7, 2014

New Project : "Analog 128, The handcrafting of a violin"

I'm very excited to share a new personal project! A few months ago Ed Sozinho and I decided to create a film piece about the making of a violin. In this highly digitized world, we were intrigued by the age old craftsmanship, the process and the art of creating an instrument by hand. We decided to document the highly talented Seattle violin maker David Van Zandt from start to finish on his 128th custom violin. 

It was amazing to see the raw wood in the beginning and how precisely he formed it into an instrument. He says that violin makers have the ability to work within 1/10 of an inch. How rare is that these days! My favorite part is when he takes huge gauges out, risking taking too much. 

I hope you enjoy our film "Analog 128, The handcrafting of a violin". Please feel free to share it with your friends and send me your feedback!

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